About Us

Dan has been interested in minerals since a very early age. In particular he can remember being fascinated with galena cleavages that he was able to collect from old mine dumps while on a school field trip near Potosi, Missouri. His parents were always very supportive, stopping at rock shops or mines and quarries while on family vacations. He first displayed his minerals publicly at a large federation show in St. Louis in 1976. By the late 1970's he was working at various local shows for Bill and Julie Kepner (B&J Rock Shop). In 1985 Dan received a B.S. degree in Geology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. By 1989 he was selling minerals part-time, while also working in the family heating/air conditioning business. From that time to present he has had a sales booth at every Tucson and Denver Show, as well as other important shows such as Springfield and Munich. At one of those very first Denver Shows he met Don Edwards, who eventually convinced him to travel to Russia to search for minerals. The success of this first trip led to many others, including trips to Romania, Tunisia, Hungary, China, as well as many important European shows. He also purchased many collections, with the first good one being acquired (with good friend Dave Crawford) from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. At those early shows he also became good friends with Don Edwards, Nick Carruth and Neil Hubbard, from whom he has learned much about the business and minerals in general.

In about 2002, Dan decided to sell the family business and become a full-time mineral dealer. He has been doing this ever since. With regular trips to places like China to look for minerals, and constant acquisitions of old collections, he is kept very, very busy.

In 2004 Dan met Diana, and the two were married January 12, 2007.

Prior to meeting Dan, Diana had worked her entire adult life in the banking business. Beginning her career as a teller, she held various management positions and eventually worked her way up to Vice President-Private Banking. Once they were together, and after a lot of persuasion, Dan convinced Diana to leave her "real job" and join him in selling minerals. Unsure at times about her decision in leaving a secure, high-profile job, she has come to enjoy the minerals, people and travel associated with this new and strange business. She has even started a small thumbnail collection.

Both Dan and Diana feel truly lucky to be able to do this strange and crazy business together, which takes them to places they never thought they would go, introduces them to a whole range of wonderful and interesting people, many becoming good friends in the process, and allows them to do what they love to do, together. They both thank all of their terrific customers for allowing them to live the dream.